It’s June again and the weather is going to get warmer and warmer soon we would be reminded to stay cool and hydrated. So, the question is, hot tea or iced tea?

Whether it is scientifically proven or not, some of you enjoy hot tea in the summertime because it works to cool you down in the heat of summer and while others prefer iced tea to help them cool down. Nevertheless, we said, always choose what works for you!

Here is what we have for you to enjoy this 2019 summertime.

Beat the summer thirst! With summer finally here, we spend time more outdoor enjoying the warm weather and tend to forget how long we have been out? as the temperature soars high and dehydration creeps in, what's better to refresh and replenish our body than a chilled fresh brewed iced tea?

What kind of tea to make iced tea? Any tea can make for iced tea! Check out our tea collections, there are a wide range of tea selection you can choose from a classic plain black tea and add a squirt of lemon juice, or classic Green Tea Jasmine Organic to Rooibos tea and of course our Fruit Infusion Tea!

To make iced tea is very easy. Follow the recommended measurement and brewing instruction as per tea, leave it to cool and chill it in the fridge. If you make one pitcher in the morning, you will thank yourself in the afternoon when you are back home and have enough with the heat, the iced tea is ready to enjoy!

If you need to make a quick fix, brew your tea with lesser hot water to make it concentrated and then pour over ice. Enjoy! Have you tried to add soda water to your iced tea? Hmmm, Ahhhh ….

Feeling the heat much? Here are our favourite summer herbal teas that we are considering as the “Summer Heat Aid” we think we all should have at least one in our cupboard …, or garden.

Chrysanthemum tea is a wonderful cooling summertime tea that will bring down internal heat and makes you feel cool. that will bring down internal heat (which makes you feel cool).

This refreshing beverage is great to sip in hot weather because it supports the body's cooling mechanisms and aids in relaxation by lowering blood pressure.

Peppermint contains menthol, which warms and stimulates the systems of the body to cool down.

Sage tea works wonders for the nervous system when it’s been aggravated by heat, and the unique thing about sage is that as a hot tea, it induces sweating and when sweat evaporates from the skin, energy is absorbed into the air as part of the reaction, thereby cooling the body. Sage as a cold tea, though, it eases sweating. Try, and find out which way is suite to your body.

Iced Tea, Anyone?

Happy Summertime and stay safe!

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