Summer is winding down quickly and soon we are all gearing up for a cooler season. Some of us will simply drink more hot tea to stay warm and cosy while others will aim more for a matcha tea to boost their mood and/or their immune system.

Matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan. It’s been trending and is a popular drink among many tea drinkers. Matcha has been searched by many not only for its well-known benefits but also how easy it is to include matcha into our daily diet. Here are some ideas of how you can enjoy matcha:

The basic way of drinking matcha is as simple as sift 1 tsp matcha into a cup, add 2oz or more of 70°C/158°F hot water, whisk vigorously use a bamboo whisk (Chasen) or electric handheld whisk until the tea is frothy. Done! Enjoy your matcha tea! Oh, before I forget...if you add hot milk voila you have your matcha latte and if you like a real super creamy latte then just whisk your matcha straight with hot milk.

Also not to forget to use your favourite steeped tea to whisk your matcha with, instead of just plain hot water. Such as peppermint tea, ginger tea, moringa apple, rooibos vanilla and more. Now you'll have more choices of flavoured matcha!

One more thing before you get started: your body will absorb more of the goodness of matcha if you add a little shot of vitamine C to it i.e.lemon juice!

Be creative, incorporate matcha with your favourite breakfasts, cookies or dessert recipes to add colour and extra nutritions. Such as add matcha to your breakfast oatmeal or pancake, matcha tzatziki dips, matcha chocolate ...

400g  white chocolate, chopped.
25g  butter, chopped.
125ml  whipping cream
1tsp to 2 tbsp  matcha (sifted)
baking sheet


Heat the whipping cream on low heat to almost boiling. Remove from the stove. Add chopped chocolate and stir to mix. Add butter and stir to mix. Add sifted matcha and mix well. Pour into a 7⅜  x 7⅜  x 1-inch pan layered with baking sheet. Give a gentle tap of the tray on the counter to make sure the chocolate fills the tray evenly. Refrigerate 4-5 hours. Remove entire sheet from pan and cut into squares. Dash with sifted matcha on top.


As easy as whip cream cheese (or humus) with a small amount of cream till soft but firm. Add enough matcha powder and Tzatziki spice, whip until good blended. A touch of dill for garnish. Enjoy this as a dip with your chips, or make it as an appetizer before mealtime.


Check out below the links of our video for matcha and start open your recipe collections and try out some of your favourites with matcha!
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