Along with a proper hygiene regime, we think these are things that also helps to strengthen our immune system in effort to avoid getting sick in the first place:

  • Positive attitude
  • Fresh air and Sunshine
  • Stay active (exercise)
  • Eat healthily, and
  • Drink Teas to maintain health

There is evidence that drinking tea regularly can help strengthen immune system and here are some herbals teas that we think everyone should have in their cupboard:

Do you know, In Europe, the medicinal use of Chamomile has been recorded since the 1st century AD? Today, Chamomile remains a top-selling herb in the tea marketplace!

Tea Desire, Ginger Root Tea

Ginger is a flowering plant, ginger root or ginger has a long history for its use in culinary as a spice and in medicine (fresh or dry) such as digestive issues and nausea, fighting the flu, and warding off cold.

Do you know, the amounts of antioxidants in rose hips can vary greatly, depending on the plant species, time of harvest, and altitude at which the plant was grown? There are several hundred species of rose plants, though research on rose hips has focused on the pseudo-fruits of the Rosa canina plant. 

The season for stinging nettle leaf medicine is spring when it traditionally is harvested and used fresh or dried for its ability to deliver bountiful nutrients. Many North American use stinging nettle for anemia or malnourishment.

Sage tea also used as a mouthwash to promote oral health due to its antibacterial properties. These oral benefits are often attributed to the powerful antioxidant rosmarinic acid.

 Rooibos tea is also known as red tea or red bush tea from a shrub native to South Africa called Aspalathus linearis, traditionally grown in the Cederberg region 150 miles north of Cape Town. This soothing drink has a sweet and nutty note, caffeine-free and low in tannin.

Drink Tea, Stay Fit and Positive, Everyone! Fear and stress will only make matters worse. Cheers!



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