We Tea Lovers enjoy a cup of tea regardless of the time of the year. If it is hot outside, many of us still love to drink a cup of hot tea, but then there is the time we need to refresh, and it needs to be with tea, and there are so many options or choices to do just that. Here are a few of our favourite recipes to chill all summer long; it's as easy as 1,2,3!

Maracuja-Orange Iced Tea Slushie

  1.  Add six tsp of our Fruit Infusion Maracuja-Orange in your teapot, pour 1 litre of boiling water over it, and steep it for 8-10 minutes. For a sweeter taste, add some of your favourite sweeteners.
  2. After steeping, strain the tea. Pour 1-2 cups of the Maracuja-Orange Tea into an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer until completely frozen. Chill the rest of the teas in the fridge.
  3. Fill a blender with the frozen Maracuja-Orange Tea ice cubes and the now chilled tea. Blend well until slushy. Pour into your favourite-chilled-serving-vessels. Ahhh... so refreshing!

Forest Berry-Tea-Popsicle

  1. Add four tsp of our Fruit Infusion Forest Berry in a teapot, pour 1 1/2 cup of boiling water over it, and steep for 10 to 30 minutes. Add your favourite sweeteners to taste.
  2. After steeping, pour everything including all the fruit pieces into a blender. Add 1/2 cup of your choice of milk (oat milk/almond milk/coconut milk/yogurt) and blend until smooth texture.
  3. Pour the Forest Berry blend into Popsicle molds.  Place it in the freezer until completely frozen. Whenever it's ready, remove from the molds and get ready for your 'brain freeze' time!

Green Grapefruit-Lemon Cold Brew

  1. Add 1 tsp per cup of water in your steeping vessel. Fill up with cold water. Let it steep for 6 to 12 hours or overnight in your fridge.
  2. Remove from the fridge and strain. For a sweet taste add your preferred sweetener.
  3. Fill glass with ice cubes and pour tea over it. Lemon slice is optional. So refreshing and will taste great for a few days!

You can use this method for almost all of our teas like  Black, Green, Oolong and White Teas!

Enjoy your refreshing Cold Teas and Treats!


July 30, 2020 — Heidi info@teadesire.com

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