over the rainbow - cairngorme mug


Dunoon Over The Rainbow Cairngorm Shape Mug

Brighten up your mornings with this colourful and cheerful 'Over The Rainbow' mug by Dunoon. Designed by Caroline Bessey, the entire exterior of the mug is adorned with vibrant rainbows, clouds, and shining suns, while the handle features a rainbow pattern. This delightful mug is a perfect gift for any occasion, be it birthdays, Christmas, or bringing a smile to someone's face during their morning cuppa.


Named after the Scottish Mountains of the same name, it is a larger version of the Lomond-shaped mugs. It has a gentle slope to the body and a curved handle. With a range of fabulous designs, this 'oversized' mug is a must. With a capacity of 480ml, they are both dishwasher and microwave-safe, except for any mugs with gold embellishment.

Caroline Bessey

Caroline Bessey was born in Wigan, Lancashire and studied art, further specializing in ceramics at Lancashire Polytechnic, gaining a distinction award in 1986. Current trends and styles inspire Caroline; she has worked for Dunoon since 1987. Although she is devoted to designing fabulous coffee and tea mugs, Caroline does not drink either!

  • fine bone china
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • Dunoon gift box

16.2 oz / 0.48 l