dragon green - cairngorme mug


Dunoon Cottage Moonlight Owl Cairngorm Shape Mug

This mug is a true masterpiece. Adorned with real gold leaf, it features an Eastern-inspired design created by a talented artist. The intricate illustration of a green and blue dragon that twists across the surface is truly awe-inspiring. The gold and green patterned strip on the top and bottom of the mug brings everything together beautifully. The design continues along the handle, and a small motif on the inside rim reflects the design on the outside. This mug is a perfect gift that will brighten up any occasion and inspire everyone who sees it.

Real Gold Leaf

This mug is beautifully embellished with 22-carat gold and exquisite silver, adding an extra special touch and making it a great gift. However, this does mean that it is unsafe for the microwave.


Named after the Scottish Mountains of the same name, it is a larger version of the Lomond-shaped mugs. It has a gentle slope to the body and a curved handle. With a range of fabulous designs, this 'oversized' mug is a must. With a capacity of 480ml, they are both dishwasher and microwave-safe, except for any mugs with gold embellishment.

David Broadhurst

After training in ceramics, David started his career as an engraving apprentice, later moving into design and illustration, going freelance in 1992. He is very much inspired by classic art and design, receiving a lot of commissions for commemorative designs, such as the Queen's Jubilee. 

  • fine bone china
  • not microwave safe
  • not dishwasher safe
  • Dunoon gift box

16.2 oz / 0.48 l