canadian breakfast eh?



A broken blend of Assam and Java tea. Strong and pure. Excellent with sugar and cream.

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very nice!

smooth and flavourful, doesn't get bitter if you leave your teaball in too long. a new favourite, a creamy morning treat with a generous splash of oat milk

A super morning tea! Best straight-up tea I've found.

I love drinking this tea in the morning as I'm Working From Home. I have a big open glass teapot with a strainer, I add 2 scoops of tea and one sugar cube, fill it with boiling water then when the tea has steeped, I add a little milk to the tea in the pot, and sip away as I work away on my computer. My tea pot holds three generous mug-fuls and it's perfect. I hate having too much stuff by workspace, which is already a little cluttered, so I like not having a separate milk container and spoon hanging around. I put the pot, lid and strainer in the dishwasher when I'm done, so I don't have to worry about leaving milk residue in a tea pot - yuck.

I really, really like the blend - I find it a bit too robust to drink without milk, and although I normally don't add sugar to tea, with just a tiny touch of sweetening, this one is even more delicious, and it gives my mornings a bit more of a boost.

Blair Firby
Very delicious

I like to steap mine longer so that its stronger. It goes very well with sugar & cream or rumchada

Good Taste

Not bad, great with sugar and milk or just black.

Debbie Jubinville
Canadian Breakfast EH

Just tried Canadian Breakfast EH tea, and it is just excellent!
I have it with milk only and the flavour is wonderful. Not over powering, or too strong. Just a suburb tea. Anyone who loves black tea needs to try this tea. You will not be disappointed!