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What makes tea so refreshing?

What is it about tea that makes it such a refreshing drink on a hot summer-day? It is not the shiny ice cubes that you put in your glass nor is it the condensation that suggests a refreshing feeling. No, it is the tea itself that you can choose from our wide selection of teas.  Now you can start making your own refreshing Iced Tea with Zero Calories added! However, if you have a 'sweet tooth' consider using natural sweeteners such as honey, agave or choose one of our fruit teas which produce natural sweet from the fruit itself such as mango, grapes, papaya, pineapple.

Iced tea is easy to make:

  • Start by measuring your tea. Generally, you will need 1 teaspoon per cup of iced tea. Fluffier or chunkier teas like White Teas, Chamomile or Fruit Infusions may require up to a tablespoon per cup, while denser teas such as Gunpowder (Moroccan Mint) will do with less than a teaspoon. Place the tea in a do-it-yourself paper filter bag, or directly in an infuser, and then place the paper filter or infuser in your glass, iced tea pitcher or appropriate vessel. If you plan on straining out your tea leaves, simply place the tea leaves directly in the pitcher/vessel. Bring the water to a rolling boil or the appropriate temperature. Simply pour the water over the tea-filled do-it-yourself paper filter bag, through the tea-filled infuser, or directly over the loose tea. Make sure the tea is completely covered with water. Let it steep to the preferred strength you like to drink your tea. Strain or remove paper filter/infuser. Let cool of for a bit before storing for several hours in the fridge.
  • Fast Way Method: Make tea extra strength by using less water or extra tea. Pour direct over ice after steeping.
  • Overnight Iced Tea: Steep tea with room temperature water in your refrigerator overnight. Strain tea in the morning and keep chilled before serving.
  • Sparkling Iced Tea Method: Make tea extra strength by using less water or extra tea. Fill glass with ice cubes, fill half with extra strength steeped tea, top of with sparkling water.
Whether sweetened or unsweetened iced tea tastes delicious, refreshing and uplifting.  Check out some of our selections with a sweet-fruity taste: Fruit Infusions Sansangria, Green Tea Tropical Garden, Black Tea Pearl of the Orient, Rooibos Mango Papaya, Wellness Blend Well Being.

Summer is also the best time to have Mint as iced tea  such as our mouth watering Blood Orange Loves Mint,  our thirst-quencher Strawberry Mint with the flavour of summer fruits and our classic tea Moroccan Mint. It gives a cool blast on the hot days. And when the summer hits the hottest time ever, there is nothing better than our Herbal Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum and Bella Kamilla will cool you from the inside and will make the hottest days more enjoyable.

 Drink more (iced) tea, stay hydrated and have a great Summertime!