papaver - skye mug


Dunoon Papaver Skye Shape Mug

This delightful Skye shaped mug from Dunoon is the perfect canvas for artist Michèle Aubourg’s Papaver print. The design shows the bold, red flowers entwined with green leaves. The flowers are shaded with deeper colours to add depth and dimension to the design. Slightly more neutral in colour is the green stems of the plants, they contrast beautifully to the crimson of the flower heads, creating a design that pops with colour against the crisp white of Dunoon’s fine bone china.

Finishing the piece off is a small matching design inside which compliments the main body and ties the whole piece together. This is the perfect gift for any keen gardener or flower lover.

Skye Teacup Mug

Shaped like a traditional teacup, but much bigger, the Skye mug is a statement piece, nostalgic in shape with a capacity to hold plenty of coffee or tea. This oversized teacup holds 450ml, has a curving handle which is easy to hold and a sturdy footed base. Add an elegant touch to the tea table or your morning coffee with a Skye teacup mug.

Michèle Aubourg

Born in Durban, South Africa, Michèle Aubourg grew up in a very creative environment. He takes inspiration from nature, flora, and fauna, creating bright and bold designs which are full of colour and charm.

  • fine bone china
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • white gift box with window

15.2 oz / 0.45 l