tin, trees 250g



The design of this 250g Tea Tin is inspired by the Ginkgo- and Eucalyptus Tree. This tin will keep your tea leaves fresh for a long time. Available in two designs, with a hinged lid for safe storage, each tin will hold 250g tea depending on the size of the tea leave.

95 x 95 x 163 mm | 3.74" x 3.74" x 6.41"

For dry filling goods.
  • For coffee, tea and more
  • For dry contents
  • Aroma lid
  • 2 designs
  • Matt-soft feel
  • Tinplate food-safe lacquered
  • Set consists of 2 tins
  • Filling quantity: 250 g - The capacity depends on the filling goods.

Not recommended for dishwasher and microwave.