a cats life - cairngorme mug


Dunoon A Cat's Life Cairngorm Shape Mug

Every cat has a unique personality; whether you are a cat owner or admire these furry creatures, you can appreciate their individuality. This delightful mug, illustrated by Kate Mawdsley, depicts a variety of cats with distinct personalities, including the "funny one," the "greedy one," the "bossy one," and the "posh one." The little pawprints on the handle add an extra touch of charm to this lovely design.


Named after the Scottish Mountains of the same name, this design is a larger version of the Lomond-shaped mugs. It has a gentle slope to the body and a curved handle. With a range of fabulous designs to choose from, this 'oversized' mug is a must. With a capacity of 480ml, they are both dishwasher and microwave-safe, except for any mugs with gold embellishment.

Kate Mawdsley

Kate Mawdsley was born in Lancashire and now lives in a converted barn in East Anglia. Even in the nursery, Kate Mawdsley preferred to play with paper, pencils, and paint rather than toys, and she maintained her interest in art through her education. After completing her degree in fashion and textiles, Kate spent the first ten years of her career in the fashion industry. In the early 1990s, she gradually moved into more illustrative work. Since then, her repertoire and collection have expanded each year, and her work can now be seen on products ranging from Dunoon mugs to cross-stitch fabrics.

  • fine bone china
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • Dunoon gift box

16.2 oz / 0.48 l