Dunoon Live Wires Cat Orkney Shaped Mug

This charming and charismatic print by artist, Kate Mawdsley looks brilliant against the crisp white of Dunoon’s fine bone china. Perching, playing and hanging from two wires, the print shows an array of cats amid tiny red mice, butterflies and food bowls adding to the chaos that the fury felines have created. Each cat has been designed with different markings and colourings giving them all an individual personality and character. The perfect gift for cat lovers, this mug is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

The elegant simplicity of the Orkney shape becomes the canvas for some of the boldest patterns and brightest designs Dunoon have ever launched. The shape of the mug has been named after a quiet Scottish idyll in the north-eastern coast of Scotland, this time drawing inspiration from the beautiful 5000 year old sights and pretty preserved village.

Kate Mawdsley 
Kate Mawdsley was born in Lancashire and now lives in a converted barn in East Anglia. Even in the nursery, Kate Mawdsley preferred to play with paper, pencils and paint rather than toys and she maintained her interest in art throughout her education. After completing her degree in fashion and textiles, Kate spent the first ten years of her career in the fashion industry. In the early 1990s, she began gradually to move into more illustrative work. Since then, her repertoire and collection have expanded each year and her work can now be seen on products ranging from Dunoon mugs to cross-stitch fabrics.

  • fine bone china
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • Dunoon gift box

11.8 oz / 0.35 l