moringa - Tea Desire

A unique herbal tea with distinct flavour made from the dried leaves of the African wild Moringa Tree (Moringa stenopetala). Due to its nutritional value and wide range of benefits, Moringa is nicknamed 'the miracle tree'. The African Moringa is native to Eastern Africa, its natural birthplace where the plant grows wild. For centuries the special tree has been prized and preserved by the local communities as a rich source of nourishment, wellbeing and treasured for millennia. The leaves are part of the staple diet and are also used as nutritional supplements by the indigenous people in the region. even the crushed seeds of Moringa are locally used to purify drinking water.

  • 18g
  • 12 Tea Bags / 12 Sachets de thé
  • naturally caffeine-free / naturellement sans caféine

Ingredients: Moringa stenopetala dried leaves

Ingrédients: Moringa stenopetalafeuilles séchées