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Happy International Beer Day...'n'Tea!

If you didn't know, International Beer Day (IBD) is a celebration on the first Friday of every August founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz California, by Jesse Avshalomov. You probably wonder what tea has to do with beer. So, all you need is a bit of quiet time and have a good selection of teas on your hand and some beer, and that is what happened. Once I knew about the IBD, I thought about creating a Radler Beer flavoured with one flavour of our excellent tea selection. So, I brought a bottle of beer to our tea store, some Sprite (7UP works too) and here is the result. All so yummy and extra refreshing if served in a frozen mug!

Here is how-to for two glasses of Beer-Tea-Radler:

  1. Prepare a concentrate of the tea flavour of your choice by steeping 2 to 3 tsp in 100ml water. Follow the instructions of the suggested water temperature & steeping time of your tea. 
  2. Strain your tea concentrate.
  3. Fill your glasses half with ice-cooled Sprite or 7UP or any Sparkling Lemonade, then top with Ice Cold Beer like a German Lager or any other beer you prefer. Non-alcoholic beer works too. If you like to drink it extra cold, you should put your glasses first in the freezer before filling them.
  4. Enjoy!

Choose Fruit Teas with its natural sweet from the fruits make the beer less bitter, from our Nanaimo Team, Jasmine would choose Maracuja Orange - Beer mix. If you are not too fond with sweet, Heidi loves the Green Tea Grapefruit Lemon-Beer mix, or Devon from our Nanaimo Team chooses Peach Apricot-Beer mix. Give this fun tea-beer-mixing project a try!


In our experiment we have used the following teas:

Beer and Tea, don't let it Be!